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Rebecca Milling’s photography is engaged with the environment and our performance within it.
Working on self initiated projects, she takes on varied subjects with sensitivity and humour.

Current & Recent Projects:


Exit depicts zoo animals leaving the frame. A limited edition artist’s book of this work has recently been published by A Book Edition with a short essay written by Cordelia Underhill, extract below:

“This series of photographs captures animals exiting the scene, and is distinct in its graphic and formal use of tone….The animals, cut in half and leaving the frame, give oblique but pointed reference to the mass endangerment of species in our present environmental crisis. […]”

Lockdown Pub Crawl

Lockdown Pub Crawl documented the closure of pubs in Edinburgh in April 2021 during the covid lockdown. Milling photographed 30 closed pubs in the evening when they would usually be vibrant, busy centres for people meeting up and spending time together. This project was exhibited on social media, inviting people to share their stories of nights that they could remember in particular venues

1 Mile Radius

1 Mile Radius documented the closure of many businesses and public facilities during the first coronavirus lockdown; this closure was apparent in the new notices that sprung up everywhere. Milling photographed these notices within a one mile radius of where she lives. The ripples and repercussions from the shutdown on individuals and society as a whole are overbearingly evident in 1 Mile Radius which displays 245 photographs edited down from the 818 notices shot.

Spare Time

Spare Time portrays numerous empty halls across the breadth of Edinburgh alongside a list of the activities which happen within them. This project celebrates the diverse activity in communal spaces and the architecture which provides a safe sheltered centre outside of the workplace or home. 



Street Level Open 2022, group exhibition, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow

196th RSA Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

195th RSA Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Scottish Society of Artists 122nd Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Exit, Solo exhibition, The Broadway Bookshop, London

Calculated Construction, solo exhibition, 525 Gallery, Edinburgh

Scottish Society of Artists 121st Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Project Summerhall, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Calculated Construction, Summerhall Corridor, Edinburgh

Episodes, Ethel Maude Collective, Online Film, Edinburgh Art Festival Edinburgh

The Artist Traveller, Group Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

En Coulisse, Ethel Maude Collective Film, Hidden Door, Edinburgh

Decision Time, Group Exhibition, Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Exquisite Corpse, Ethel Maude Collective Film, Alchemy Film Festival

Exquisite Corpse, Ethel Maude Collective Film, Summerhall, Edinburgh Art Festival

The 7th Street Level Open, group exhibition, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow

Open Photography 2, group exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

If I Jump Off A Bridge Will You Follow Me? Group Exhibition, Edinburgh Art Festival

3/3 Group Exhibition, Antigua St, Edinburgh

Digital VD, Group Exhibition/ Filmwork, touring

Pop Up Image, Group Exhibition, Heyri Art Valley, South Korea

Old Habits Die Hard, Group Exhibition, Touring worldwide

Trace, Video Installation/ Performance, Generator Projects, Dundee

Walk Ahead, Sound Installation, WASPS Studios, Dundee

Resource Room, Sound Installation, Exhibitions, University of Dundee

Stone Being, Solo Exhibition, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen

Wandering Portrait and Evening Portrait, Performances, Duff House, Banff, Aberdeenshire

Outside, Inside, Performance, Market Gallery, Glasgow,

Still Life, Performance, Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts

I’m a Stranger Here Myself, Group Exhibition, Stills, Edinburgh


Creative Scotland Award, SSA Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh

Gallery Ten Award, SSA Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh

100 Flowers Collection, New South Glasgow Hospitals

Royal Scottish Academy Residency with North Lands Glass, Caithness and Stills, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Visual Arts Award

PVA Labculture Residency, Camden Roundhouse, London

Dundee Visual Arts Award

Hope Scott Trust Award

Historic Scotland Grant

Aberdeenshire Council Grant

SAC Photography/ Digital Fellowship, Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Peacock Visual Arts

Research and Training Award, Stills, Edinburgh


Studies in Photography Summer Edition 2020 - New Contemporaries Feature

Exit Artists Book published by A Book Edition ISBN: 978-3-947295-51-7

Stone Being Exhibition catalogue published by Peacock Visual Arts ISBN: 

I’m a Stranger Here Myself Exhibition catalogue

Landscape and Art Feature

Rebecca Milling often works together with other artists on large projects

Highlights Include:

Cajal Embroidery Project - In celebration of Neuroscience - Commissioned by Edinburgh University Neuroscience Dept and Tonic Arts

Workers Union - Commissioned by Red Note directed by Zoë Irvine and Alice Nelson, 7 screen video installation with live orchestral performance underneath Concorde, Lammermuir Festival, National Museum of Flight 

Ron and Linda - Commissioned by SeeMe Charity for Mental Health directed by Alice Nelson, Documentary for the Scottish Mental Health Film Festival

A Street of Voices - Commissioned by Citizen Curator, 8 screen Film Installation, Main St, Newhaven for What Does Bow-Tow Mean to You? 

One Minute - Commissioned by Perth Concert Hall for Dalziel + Scullion and Craig Armstrong, video installation with live orchestral performance

Rebecca Milling runs Copystand, offering a reproduction photography service to artists, publishers and galleries. She does this alongside making her own artwork and is part of the Ethel Maude Collective

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