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Elemental Construction portrays the split second of destruction, the smashing of a glass sculpture which I have built over a long period of time.

Building up and up and up, constructing a ‘thing’ of giant proportions is an elemental human desire. We watch children build a tower of bricks with great method and precision followed by the moment of glee and delight when it is high enough to bash down and lies strewn across the floor. In fact, I have recently observed that the desire to smash down comes before a child is even able to build the tower themselves.


The glass shatters and flies in all directions, seized in photographs as I run behind having thrown the hammer.

Elemental Construction was the first work which I made with glass. I used offcuts from the framers to build sculptures as tall as I possibly could using a simple glass cutter and glass glue. They were initially shot against an interior backdrop and then progressed to shooting them against black velvet. The work was a continuation of my performance to camera work introducing a sculptural element in a studio setting. 

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